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Frequently Asked Questions

Each KyosoCards pack is thoughtfully designed to include a custom collector card that you create, accompanied by 19 other cards that represent the Canadian judo community. A bonus feature in each pack is the KyosoCards Shiai playing card game.

When you create your custom collector card, it automatically becomes a part of the year's ongoing series. As such, your card may be randomly featured in future card packs. Each time your card gets printed, your royalty account gets credited with $0.10.

For every collector card from your Judo Club included in a pack, a $0.05 donation is earmarked annually towards your club. More club members participating in the KyosoCards community amplifies your club's fundraising potential.

A key element of the KysoCards mission is to bring together the judo community. To further this cause, collector cards are exclusively sold as a part of the comprehensive pack, enriching the collective experience.

Absolutely. By leveraging the search function on the KyosoCards website, you can customize a collector card pack featuring a specific judoka, like your grandson or granddaughter.

The Shiai card game lets you engage in friendly competition, using your collector cards against a friend's. Choose to either play "for keeps," staking your card, or instead play just "for fun."

Check out the Playing Card Game Rules for more details.

Our platform utilizes a random draw mechanism from the year's ongoing collection, excluding the National Team roster. The earlier you design your card within the year, the higher the probability of it being featured in the packs ordered. Delayed creation might result in fewer opportunities for your card to be printed and potentially lower royalties as the year progresses.

Certainly. KyosoCards encourages judokas to commemorate their unique judo journey. This could be celebrating an achievement like a grading or a tournament win, immortalizing a picture of a judo technique, or simply creating a personalized keepsake.

We ensure a minimum collection of 50 cards before initiating the print and shipping process for the first pack of a new series. This guarantees a variety of cards in your collection. Although early ordering might result in a brief shipping delay, it significantly enhances your chances of earning royalty rewards.

Currently, this feature is unavailable. The images on the reverse side are randomly chosen from our Go-Kyo-No-Waza collection. We encourage you to accumulate a complete set of KyosoCards as a fun way to teach new judokas about the Go-Kyo and familiarize them with all 40 throws.